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Byron Wear was elected to the San Diego City Council in 1995 (56%) and re-elected to a second term in 1998 Primary (55.5%) representing Point Loma, Mission Bay, the Port and Downtown. He has a long list of major accomplishments.

  • Selected as Deputy Mayor (1998 and 1999)
  • Chaired, City Council Land Use and Housing Committee, 1997, 2000, 2001, and 2002. Initiated and presided over the Strategic Update of the City of San Diego General Plan
  • Chaired the San Diego regional government consolidation efforts including the SANDAG Joint Agency Negotiating Team on Consolidation and the San Diego Regional Government Efficiency Commission which recommended the consolidation of functions of MTDB and SANDAG into the first comprehensive planning and transportation agency in the State
  • Led efforts to build the downtown Ballpark and 26 block redevelopment project in East Village
  • Member, California Coastal Commission, 1996
  • Led the effort to expand the San Diego Convention Center
  • Initiated the update of the Centre City Community Plan
  • Served on the North Embarcadero Visionary Alliance
  • Championed the effort and funded the revitalization of the historic Balboa Theatre
  • Championed the construction of Park-it-on-Market and use of parking meter funds
  • Member, Metropolitan Transit Development Board (MTDB), 3 years and Trolley Board, 3 years
  • Member, LAFCO, 2 years
  • Interim Director, San Diego Regional Airport Authority, 2002
  • Chaired, Mayor’s Tidelands Advisory Committee, 2001-2002
  • Chaired, Select Committee on Fiscal Reform 1997-2001, earning a Golden Watchdog Award from the San Diego County Taxpayers Association
  • Led the master planning efforts for Re Use Plan for the Naval Training Center (Liberty Station)
    which was considered to be a model for military base closures.
  • Established the North Bay Redevelopment Project Area (Midway, Sports Arena) resulting in millions of dollars of tax increment to provide infrastructure upgrades.
  • Funded the first study for the Cross Border Terminal/Tijuana Rodriguez Airport, 1997
  • Championed the development of San Diego’s Low Flow Storm Water Diversion System to prevent urban runoff from polluting the coastline – the first system of its kind in California
  • Led the effort and provided the initial start up funding to begin the San Diego Regional Fire Helicopter Program
  • Created and established San Diego’s first Coastal Infrastructure and Mission Bay Park Enterprise Funds to provide needed improvements along our coast and Mission Bay
  • Led the efforts to address homeless housing by the establishment of a comprehensive winter shelter program, the establishment of the Cortez Hill Family Center and expansion of the Veterans Village Facility on Pacific Highway

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